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     Free to Be Me 1 – Foundation
23rd  24th  &  25th  February  2018

Newcastle NSW

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Introduction - Life doesn’t have to be difficult.
Life doesn’t have to be difficult.

We teach you how to get happy and give you the tools to live the life you deserve.


Step 1 - Free to Be Me 1- Foundation
Free to Be Me 1- Foundation

We go to the gym to get physically fit, We can teach you to get emotionally fit.
Practical learning for every Adult.


Step 2 - Personal Power
Personal Power

Dig a little deeper and discover your Personal Power.  It is OK to say NO!, It is OK to put yourself first ! YOU are OK just as you are.

Free To Be Me Explainer


up coming Seminar

Living a Loving Life

During the Step 3 Living a Loving Life program, we explore the importance of unconditionally loving ourselves and others.
Coming in 2018 – NSW Australia – Register your interest and we will forward you more information.

Personal Power

During the Step 2 Personal Power Program, we discover what Personal Power is and what it isn’t. How to have it. How to use it. Everything you learned during FTBM 1 Foundation will become a natural part of your life.

Free To Be Me Christmas Party

If you have completed a program with FTBM – EVER, we invite you and your partners and children to a celebration with us at 86 Morna Point Rd, Anna Bay for a 7 pm start, on Friday the 1st of December 2017.  Bring a plate to share and drinks. RSVP Phone: 0474 776 305   or Email:

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