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Grief of a Friend

January 16, 2017 Uncategorized

Grief happens in everybody’s lives at one time or another. It is indescribable to others there is a start of the grieving process but there is no fixed end date. It is a day to day process. Everybody’s reactions are different to grief. We want to be around family and friends when there are celebrations […]

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Emotional “NO DEAL”

In relationships we sent boundaries and a very common one is, “if my partner cheats on me it is over!”. NO DEAL. Society supports that one, we may be shocked to hear that it has happened before we condone or justify the break up. But what if there are other boundaries broken? Lying to your […]

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Doing Other Peoples Emotions for them.

Ohhhhhhhh my poor Husband …. I used to think. Prior to us marrying six years later, He had an EX that destroyed the family he had to leave their home and the two kids and they were just toddlers at the time. Ohhhh, my poor Husband ….. The kids lived interstate …..Ohhh, my poor Husband. […]

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Acceptance In the flow of life things happen, good things and we embrace the good with open arms. Circumstances can change at a moment’s notice and that is not what we deem as “good”.  I do my best planning and trying to control situations but sometimes I just have to surrender and accept “This is […]

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Vulnerability Pt 2

June 14, 2016 Uncategorized

Being vulnerable means showing your authentic self to the ones that you love despite the fear that they may not accept you for who you are. This is a strongest and deepest way to connect with those you love and are important to you. I’m sure you have met someone — or maybe yourself — […]

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Vulnerability Pt 1

So what does it mean to be truly vulnerable? This question has been on my mind a lot over a long period of time. Then I had a light globe moment a couple of days ago where I saw vulnerability as having real personal power.  When I had this flash of inspiration I immediately went […]

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Mind Sets/Thought Patterns & Changes for Success & Happiness

As much as our lives may be influenced by our circumstances, I’m convinced that they are far more influenced by our attitudes and thinking. While we may collectively look down up certain things, you can always find an opposing and positive stance to just about everything. Take a rainstorm, most of us would find it […]

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INTIMACY & Self-sabotage & Self-Love Pt 2

These six steps can help guide you through that process ALLOW YOURSELF TO FEEL THE PAIN. Feelings are there as messengers to let us know whether we are loving ourselves or abandoning ourselves, or if others are being loving or controlling. There are some physical things you can do to tune in with your feelings. […]

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Intimacy & Self-Sabotage & Self -Love

Have you ever embarked upon a new relationship then realised how terrified of intimacy you really are. It can be an incredible revelation to have been longing for a beautiful and nourishing relationship but as soon as it arrives to want to go running for the hills. What I have realised is that all of us have a desire […]

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