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Our Team

Sonia Anderson

Sonia Anderson has been an Accredited Mediator since 2002. Since that time she has used the Free To Be Me skills to transform hundreds of people from disagreement to harmony.

Leonie McMahon

Leonie specialises in presenting Free To Be Me as a one day seminar for individuals within her capacity as a counsellor. This in depth approach provides an environment for solving life’s challenges in a time frame that suits people with tight schedules and stressful lives. It’s an invaluable turning point day that many have appreciated.

Anne James

Ann has taught many hundreds of people in a variety of courses, including counselling, parenting, and personal development. Free to Be Me is a natural extension of her work. Some of her courses are designed with a special focus on ADOPTION issues.

Rosalie Fletcher & Tim Harvey

Rosalie and Tim were looking for a solution to lifes pressures 23 years ago and found the answer in the Free To Be Me program.

Sarah Pennell

I’m a communications professional with a career that has taken me, via three countries, from journalism to management. Like everyone else, my life has been a roller coaster of highs and lows.

Barbara & Terry Tebo

Barbara and Terry are the creators of the “Free To Be Me” Seminars. Both are qualified and experienced authors, educationalists, corporate trainers, counsellors and wisdom teachers.

Jenny Roberts & Andrew Bennett

With extensive experience in the fields of corporate and personal development, we believe that teaching Free to Be Me is a natural extension and expression of who we are.

Helen LePage

With years of rewarding business management and training, a blended family now with grandchildren and all the ups and downs of life, we came to Free to be Me for the same reasons you may have found yourself reading this information. We wanted balance in our lives.