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Three relatives in the fear family are the separating emotions of Anxiety, Worry, and Manipulation. These are at the heart of so many problems simply because people don’t understand why they are feeling them. Just think of all the tranquillizers that are taken in an attempt to not feel these good friends.

“Good friends? Are you kidding?”

“No, not at all.”

Anxiety is a very tense and uneasy state of mind which is telling us that we are feeling unsafe and concerned about some possible misfortune or danger—likely, unlikely or imagined.

When we feel unsafe within ourselves, we frequently blame this feeling on people and events outside ourselves.

If you are feeling anxious, ask yourself: “Is there a good and valid reason to feel unsafe right now? If there is, what practical action can I take?” Perhaps you are feeling anxious because your inner-child is feeling unsafe. Your inner-child may want to release the anxiety still present from an old incident. In this case you need to listen to and nurture your inner-child (just as you would a real child).

When you do this your inner-child’s anxiety will subside and stop unconsciously running your life. The more safe you become – inside, the more safe you will be outside.

Even in the presence of danger, if you feel safe and relaxed you will know when and how to act to preserve your well-being. If more people took the time to do this, they would not need to medicate the pain of their anxiety with tranquillizers and other drugs.

As with fear, you may thank your anxiety as it is a sign that it is time for you to widen your comfort zone, or to put it another way, to step forward into your learning zone.