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Much has been written about grief. Grief is the experience of separation we need to go through in order to come back into balance after the death of a loved one or the end of a relationship. We can also feel grief for lost possessions, pets, and just about anything that we have become attached to.

Grief is a suitcase full of feelings such as sadness, anger, resentment, anxiety, powerlessness, abandonment, apathy, betrayal, confusion, despair, fear, hurt, loneliness, misery, remorse, pain, suffering, vulnerability and worry.

No wonder it’s such a heavy load to carry!

When we allow ourselves to feel the full range and depth of our grief, this separating emotion acts like a gentle surgeon, cutting us free from our past attachment and liberating us so that we can move forward to begin life again. When we attend an outstanding theatrical or musical performance, the actors or musicians encompass us in their creative energy. At the end of all great performances, the audience claps, not only to show their appreciation, but also to break free from the performers’ influence, so they can leave the theater or concert hall and go home.

This allows us to begin again in that particular area of our life.