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These two feelings look and feel very different, but in fact they are the same. Feeling inferior is believing that “I am not good enough”, and feeling superior is rising above that same seed thought (which is often unconscious) so we can fool ourselves and others by always appearing good enough. The underlying seed thought of inferiority, however, will always sabotage our accomplishments. If we allow this seed thought to control our lives, we will go into collapse—whether we choose to travel the “inferior road” or the “superior road”. In the latter case, we use external factors (money, class, appearance) to mask our feelings of inferiority.

The Inferior-Superior Game is played out night and day all around us.

The so-called “superior” people will always attract super superior players into their game who will make them feel “inferior” so the game can continue.

Why is inferiority/superiority a separating emotion? Because this double-edged emotion indicates to us that it is time to leave behind the childhood emotional state in which all youngsters feel inferior because they live among “giants” who appear to have more power than they do. It is time to grow into an emotional maturity where we enjoy who we are and are not threatened by others’ differences.

“Being good enough is a decision, not a feeling”

This is a reminder that if we wait to feel “good enough” we will never make a move. The old feeling of “not being good enough” which has been with us from toddler days, will only change after we change the seed thought. And we need to keep saying and seeing (affirming and visualising) our new seed thoughts, “I am good enough (or magnificent) as I am right now”, “I am a diamond!”, “I am unique and different and equal to others”, “The more I love and cherish myself, the more others do”.