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Resentment is long-standing anger and very destructive to the body. It keeps the anger simmering away just under the surface.

Sometimes we keep our resentment rather than taking responsibility for our hurt, and doing something about it.

If we (the victim) choose to believe that someone else (a persecutor) is the source of our hurt, then we remain victims. “Victim-Persecutor” is a popular game. The quickest way to exit from this game should we want to, is to allow ourselves to feel our underlying powerlessness and victimhood. This releases the resentment and opens the way for greater emotional freedom. Experiencing the powerlessness initially may not be pleasant, but really it’s not that bad. It’s like taking cod liver oil when we were kids! Once we have taken our “medicine” (resentment is often so palpable and intense, one can almost taste it), we can then decide what we need to change in our lives.

Resentment is the emotional cause of many illnesses and diseases.

We let go of resentment, by accepting and feeling it in all its bitterness, then forgiving and choosing new thoughts. This can help to heal heart disease and many stomach and bowel problems.