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There are so many lonely people today, especially in our big cities. The needs of human beings span a spectrum, at one end of which is a need to be alone and to enjoy our own space; at the other end is a need for company and the friendship of others.

When we are feeling lonely, we are usually in the middle of these two needs. Loneliness is prompting us to clarify whether we need to be alone or with others. It’s pushing us to make a decision. “Do I want to be with others?” If the answer is “yes”, ring somebody up. If the answer is “no”, decide what you are going to do to have an enjoyable evening or weekend on your own.

The above suggestion works with occasional loneliness.

However, if loneliness plays a big part in your life then it probably is because you don’t like the person you are alone with.

If this is the case, then you need to take steps to like and love yourself more.