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Hatred is an acute form of anger. Hatred is extreme powerlessness. Like cancer, hatred eats us up inside. It is released and healed only when we accept and feel this strong emotion. Then we can cease to blame ourselves and others as we let go of the feeling by going for a run, yelling in the shower, playing squash or some other energy-releasing activity. Lastly, the importance of “forgiveness” in healing hatred cannot be overstated. We need to forgive the object of our hatred and as we do we will find the love underneath. FTBM 2

Often, as you would have learnt in FTBM1 Foundation hatred is the polarity of love, we tend to hate those for whom we care the most.

Children hate their parents more than anyone else because they love their parents more than anyone else. When children are not allowed to feel and appropriately express their hatred, you have repressed angry adults in the making. Sometimes we project our hatred of a loved one onto a friend, colleague, a politician or the local grocer.

When we choose to stay in the dark throes of hatred, we are also choosing to block the natural flow of light and love. As day follows night, love follows forgiveness.