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When we blame, essentially we are saying to ourselves and others that what happens to us is our fault and/or another’s fault. Blaming is something we all do and it can be a way we sometimes choose not to take responsibility for our lives.

As an interim strategy, blaming serves to take the pressure off ourselves for a while.

By assigning blame even to ourselves, we are choosing to be a victim, and victims don’t believe they personally need to or can do anything to change. As a separating emotion, blame is usually a surefire indication that there is a need for someone or something to change. When we choose to take responsibility for our lives and to stop blaming, we are doing so because we believe we are the creative cause of our lives and have the power to do so.

If we choose to continue blaming (ourselves and/or others) we will not create the separation necessary to move forward. To move attitudinally from assigning blame to taking responsibility is to take a huge step towards a new way of living and enjoying life.