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When exhaustion occurs, we look and feel like a flat tyre. Why does this happen? We run on energy which is partly – made up of air, food and water. When this energy runs low, tiredness and exhaustion are telling us to conserve and rebuild our energy reserves once again. We have all learned to do this by getting enough sleep, exercising and good nutrition.

Another option to treat (or prevent) exhaustion is to learn how to allow more energy to flow through us.

Everything, all matter in the universe, including us, is made out of energy. This energy, when we don’t block it, naturally flows through us. When we do block the energy, we are “efforting” or struggling which makes us very tired. Obviously we don’t intentionally block life energy, but we may inadvertently obstruct it when we try (because we are afraid) to always have to be in control of ourselves, others or circumstances. The antidote to this energy-depleting .strategy is to trust ourselves and the process of life.

We can open ourselves up to receive more life energy by:

  • nourishing our bodies with good food, exercise, and rest;
  • accepting and feeling all of our feelings. This allows us to tap into the flow of life energy and to be nourished by the love which underlies all feelings;
  • replenishing our minds with curiosity, new ideas, stimulating conversation, hobbies, reading, taking a holiday and by looking for opportunities to expand mentally;
  • uplifting our spirit through meditation, trust, self-love and loving others; and
  • balancing our individuality with our unity, our humanity with our divinity.