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What types of support are available after FTBM if we need help and advice?

Everyone who experiences FTBM has a one hour consultation, included in the course price, with the teacher you did the seminar with. This hour is yours to use in the best way you see fit. You can also book additional counselling sessions. Every FTBM graduate has our email address and home phone number for support and help.

My marriage is in trouble. I’d love my husband to do this seminar with me but he says he doesn’t need anything like this. Any suggestions?

We understand your concern, as most of us feel for our relationship to improve, our partner has to do the work we’re doing. It’s great when their prepared to do something like ‘Free To Be Me’ with us, but even if they’re not, it’s amazing how a relationship can improve when just one partner comes along. We’ve seen this time and again.
As you feel fuller inside and better about yourself, you will find you have more to give. What happens then is the relationship starts to turn around and become more nurturing. There is lots in the seminar about relationships and this helps too.

Is ‘Free to Be Me’ attached in any way to a religion?

The simple answer is no. ‘Free To Be Me’ is a holistic educational experience. Therefore it covers the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of us all. People of all religious and non-religious beliefs have benefited from doing FTBM. At the beginning of each seminar participants are told that we are not teaching “the” truth. We are teaching “our” truth and we encourage you to stay loyal to “your” truth. There is no dogma in FTBM, just practical ideas that have worked for many, many people. If “your” truth conflicts with “our” truth, and “your” truth works for you, it would be silly to accept “our” truth. It is important that we respect each other’s truths.
The ‘spiritual’ aspect of FTBM is learning how to get in touch with and use the gifts that our life force has to offer us, by what ever name we call this force. The most important of these gifts is unconditional love. The main way we do this is through meditation.

I am a shy person and I hate speaking in public. Will I have to speak during FTBM and will I find this seminar confronting?

FTBM is a gentle and supportive learning experience. It is not a therapy session. No one is forced in any way to change, say or share anything about themselves that they prefer to remain private. I’ve done a lot of seminars. My experience is that they don’t last. How can you guarantee that won’t happen with this one? We can’t! Many of the skills we teach in the toolbox offered, need to be used to be useful, that’s certainly true. But there’s more to it than that. In ‘Free To Be Me’ you ‘catch’ a new way of looking at yourself and life that you can’t ‘uncatch’! The core beliefs are presented in such a way that over the years we find they have a tendancy to ‘stick’. The fact that ‘Free To Be Me’ has now been taught for over 16 years without advertising is testimony to that.

Is ‘Free To Be Me’ only for people in some sort of crises? My life is going well and I like myself, does this mean it’s not for me?

It’s true some people come along to ‘Free To Be Me’ when they are going through a particularly challenging period in their life. For them the seminar helps them to see what is happening in their life in a totally new way. This is in turn helps them to deal with the situation they are facing in a far more positive, constructive and insightful way. However many people come along to further increase their life skills, and to help them create exactly the life they choose. It’s also a fun experience! I’ve tried to meditate and find it impossible.

Many meditation’s taught in Australia today come from India or other Eastern countries. These people have been meditating for thousands of years and are very good at it. However we are not in their culture and so some find their methods difficult. In ‘Free To Be Me ‘ we have put together a Western Meditation which our seminar participants find very easy. We also explain very carefully both ‘why’ and ‘how’ to meditate. We answer your questions carefully and particularly address the reasons most people have given up in the past. You also receive a meditation CD which has four meditations on it including the one you will learn during ‘Free To Be Me’. The cost of the CD is included in the seminar price. We’d challenge you NOT to be able to meditate the way we approach it!