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Free to Be Me – Course Three


Love in Action

This course is designed for those who choose to deepen their own spirituality, self-understanding and self-esteem, you will learn skills to help others in these areas.

The essence of this course is about caring for and supporting others from a base of loving and understanding yourself. We show you have to value yourself and other and knowing (and Learning) how to reach out and touch others from your heart.
The skills you learn from this course can be applied in all areas of your life from home to the work place.

What you’re going to learn:

  • Commitment, respect, unconditional love, balance & unity.
  • Distinguishing between “Who we think we are” and “Who we actually Are”.
  • The DISC model of human behaviour
  • People reading skills
  • Understanding why our intimate relationships succeed and fail.
  • How to create and/or improve the relationship you have.
  • Public Speaking Skills
  • Discovering and honouring your life’s journey
  • Understanding the meaning of “Essence” and how to communicate from the heart.