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Fully Self & Fully in a Relationship, Is this possible?

This is a beautiful course that we find that not only individuals enjoy but it is great to bring your partner to.

In this course we explore the importance of validating and knowing your own needs. We look at understanding where your partner’s motivation is coming from. We teach you the tools of effective communication and best practises when it comes to dealing with emotions.

We step through this process by using DISC Behaviour profiling where we create their own Personal Behaviour Inventory, to gain a greater understanding of themselves.  Then carry through to looking at the behaviour of the people in close relationships around them.

 This helps to gain a better understanding of ourselves which will lead to a happier and more fulfilled life.

Understanding ourselves better will then follow on to understanding other people’s behaviour and their  key areas of motivation. This leads to better conflict resolution and successful communication in every area of your life.

fully self & fully in a relationship