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Grief happens in everybody’s lives at one time or another. It is indescribable to others there is a start of the grieving process but there is no fixed end date.

It is a day to day process. Everybody’s reactions are different to grief.

We want to be around family and friends when there are celebrations and good times. But when grief appears some of our friends disappear. It can be too confronting for some

My dearest friend had a twelve-week-old baby when her parents were tragically killed in a car accident. The grief was filled with shock and disbelief, it was agony and awkwardness.

I made my decision to just “Be There”. I apologized many times because I didn’t know “The right thing” to say. I made sure I was available to help if needed and spent many hours talking and with tears, I thought she would need me to be brave and not cry in front of her, my goodness we cried a river. I could not fix what had happened, but I could be there.

We talked… we talked about the accident, the double funeral, the other people involved, the emergency workers, her family members and her friends. It was all so very surreal.

Some days when we would talk I would mention things in the news things that were happening in other people’s lives and milestones of her precious baby. She mentioned to me a lot later on how this helped with her healing.

Slowly and gently life settled into a new pattern. Life never returns to what we had prior to the grief and you just have to go day by day. If any of your friends or family are grieving just “Being There” can make a difference.