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Super Kids

Ages 8-11 yrs School Years 3-6

A safe and fun learning experience for today’s child in today’s world.

This program will run over two consecutive 5 hour days and the parents are invited to the final session understand what the Super Kids have been shown and how to put it into place in the home.

This course is an investment in your child and your family’s future. This course lays down the foundation that will serve your child throughout their lives.

Children’s minds are amazing and they absorb concepts and information quickly through play and discussion. During Super Kids we explore and learn through media kids excel in. Games, music, drawing and other forms of self-expression and group interaction.
With anti-bullying being at the forefront at most schools, this course teaching the kids to value themselves and others which will eliminate bullying.

They will learn:
Respecting themselves and others.
Personal responsibility.
Trusting others and themselves.
Unconditional love.
Relaxation and Meditation.
Discover their magic mind powers of creation.