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one on one - private coaching

One on One Coaching

Free to Be Me offer a one on one coaching service either at our office or via, phone or skype at a time that is convenient to you.

We understand life gets busy and if you get to have an hour catch up to ensure you are on the right track or help to nut out an emotion that keeps presenting itself.
With the one-hour coaching session, we offer it for personal or business coaching and we totally focus on our client. There are different techniques we are able to suggest to help you. Move forward.

Our coaching sessions are $99 per hour.

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3 x One on One Business Coaching Sessions

Free to Be Me offer a One on One Business Coaching service, totally confidential and off site.

At times in a business, you may experience a  Staff Member or Colleague struggling in their work life but more often than not the struggle is in their personal life.

They may be reluctant to discuss their emotions in a work environment so we provide a neutral environment, where they know they are safe to speak their mind and through the coaching, we are helping them to discover different tools in the work place to help to get them back on track.

Our coaching sessions are $199 for the three sessions.