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Helen & Tony LePage Free to Be Me Teachers

Helen & Tony LePage Free to Be Me Teachers.

Profile: We’ve all heard many of these ideas, but often lack the tools and the self-belief to apply them to our daily lives.

With years of rewarding business  management and training, a blended family now with grandchildren and all the ups and downs of  life, we came to Free to be Me for the same reasons you may have found yourself reading this information. We wanted balance in our lives.

Free to be Me has been taught to thousands of people, all over the world, with life changing  results. We lovingly acknowledge the founders and

The creators of this wonderful program, Barbara and Terry Tebo, for their extensive and ongoing   commitment, training and support.

Tony and Helen teach in the Port Stephens, Hunter Valley and Stockton areas.

Jenny Roberts and Andrew Bennett

Jenny Roberts and Andrew Bennett – Free to Be Me Teachers

Profiles: With extensive experience in the fields of corporate and personal development, we believe that teaching Free to Be Me is a natural extension and expression of who we are.

We are parents, professionals, teachers and learners. We are having fun shaping our lives and celebrating the lives of those around us. We teach Free to Be Me for kids, teens, adults and corporations in a variety of locations and in a range of formats to suit people’s needs.

Jenny & Andrew teach in the Newcastle, Sydney and the Hunter Areas.

Barbara & Terry Tebo

 Barbara & Terry Tebo

Barbara and Terry are the creators of the “Free To Be Me” Seminars. Both are qualified and experienced authors, educationalists, corporate trainers, counsellors and wisdom teachers. They have specialised in teaching holistic wellness seminars which help people regain and maintain personal balance, access and develop their innate potential and progress along their spiritual path. They are passionately concerned with helping people to develop their capacity to love unconditionally and to create both personal and global peace.

Sarah Pennell

Sarah Pennell – Free To Be Me Teacher

I’m a communications professional with a career that has taken me, via three countries, from journalism to management. Like everyone else, my life has been a roller coaster of highs and lows. I was introduced to Free To Be Me at a time when I needed something to lift me out of the doldrums. Perhaps you’ve embarked on the road less travelled or tried to stop sweating the small stuff so you can realise your full potential, but it just never seems to happen? Instead of a new you, you end up with more self help books and CDs on the bookshelf. Or are you a sceptic who believes all that New Age stuff is a load of bunkum, there is no Secret and if life really is a bowl of cherries, we have to be satisfied with  the pips? There is a third way. Free To Be Me has cherry picked the best of the world’s  knowledge and wisdom and crafted it into a spa for the mind. It’s a practical approach that has helped thousands of people and may be just what you’re looking for. Whether you want to feel more secure, be happy with yourself, enjoy more fulfilling relationships or have true peace of mind, Free To Be Me provides the practical keys to making lasting changes.

Rosalie Fletcher and Tim Harvey

Rosalie Fletcher and Tim Harvey – Free to Be Me Teachers

Rosalie and Tim were looking for a solution to lifes pressures 23 years ago and found the answer in the Free To Be Me program.
They believe it equipped them with the tools that supported a more loving, rich and rewarding life.
Today they enjoy teaching people Free to Be Me, and how they can make the best choices for themselves and their loved ones.

Anne James

Anne James – Free to Be Me Teacher

Ann has taught many hundreds of people in a variety of courses, including counselling, parenting, and personal development.

Free to Be Me is a natural extension of her work.  Some of her courses are designed with a special focus on ADOPTION issues.

From my home in Turramurra, in a setting that is private & peaceful ,I offer one person or small groups FLEXIBLE choices of any weekday or weekend, mornings or afternoons.

Living the essence of the Free to Be Me program since 1991 was the biggest help in healing my own wounds, & I look forward to sharing my insights about enjoying inner self-esteem & peace of heart with you.

Leonie McMaho

Leonie McMahon – Free To Be Me Teacher

Leonie specialises in presenting Free To Be Me as a one day seminar for individuals within her capacity as a counsellor. This in depth approach provides an environment for solving life’s challenges in a time frame that suits people with tight schedules and stressful lives. It’s an invaluable turning point day that many have appreciated.

Leonie customizes her expertise on these levels for the general public, corporations and individuals, delivering presentations full of warmth and good humour filled with endless stories from her vast experience over 35 years.

Leonie joined Barbara and Terry Tabos  Lifespring seminars and joyfully worked her way through them all.  Learning about a philosophy that reveals the secrets of successful living; how to have win-win relationships at home and at work without being drained by stressful situations; to understand the power of thought and how it can deeply affect your ability to heal as an individual or as a practitioner. Free to Be Me became a natural extension of her work in healing as it encompassed the next level of emotions.

Sonia Anderson

Sonia Anderson – Free to Be Me teacher

“Sonia Anderson has been an Accredited Mediator since 2002. Since that time she has used the Free To Be Me skills to transform hundreds of people from disagreement to harmony.

Sonia was admitted as a Solicitor to the Supreme Court of New South Wales in 1984 and to the High Court in 1985. She has been a practising Solicitor in the Hunter Valley since 1985 and was accredited by the NSW Law Society as a specialist in 1996. As such, Sonia has enjoyed over 20 years experience in assisting people in dispute through the Justice system and, more recently, through the alternatives to the Justice System in her Mediation practices.

Sonia has studied extensively with Barbara and Terry Tebo. She has found that the skills she has learned from the Free To Be Me programmes have assisted her to grow in every area of her life. Her personal relationships with work colleagues, clients, family, friends and her life partner have flourished. For Sonia life is relationships. Relationships which allow for change and which are dynamic and nurturing are the key to emotional wellbeing and happiness. The most important relationship, which is often overlooked, is our relationship with ourselves.

The Free To Be Me principles have so changed Sonia’s life that she now has a passion for sharing these ideas and so she has become an accredited Free To Be Me teacher for the Part one programme for adults, Love in Action for graduates of Part one, The Super Kids programme for children (between the ages of 8 to 11 years) and also Free To Be Me for Teens (recommended for people  between the ages of 12-15 years).

Sonia teaches these Courses in a relaxed atmosphere from her home and at other convenient locations through her partnership called “Soul Perceptions”.

“Soul Perceptions” invites you t  join the thousands of people in Australia and all over the world who have enjoyed the life changing benefits the Free To Be Me seminars offer. To register simply call Michelle or come to one of our free preview evenings to find out more.


Jane Lee Chapman & David Cole – Free to Be Me Teachers

an experienced customer relations manager who grew up in the Hunter Valley. Jane has worked in the hospitality, marketing, retail and customer/member services sectors in New South Wales and Queensland. Jane is an Accredited FTBM Facilitator, a Journey Practitioner, Mother and Reike Therapist.

David Cole: grew up on a Riverina farm and has enjoyed the past 20 years as a business adviser and personal development coach helping businesses and individuals create environments to reach their potential and enjoy a rich quality of life. David is currently working in a Managerial Role in Aged Care. He is an accredited FTBM Facilitator and very proud Dad.

Karen Bellchambers

Karen Bellchambers

Anytime you call Free to Be Me, I will be your first point of contact!

I have been with Free to Be Me since 2013. I have completed Free to Be Me Foundation 1 & Free to Be Me 2 and am current in Free to Be Me Teacher training.

I practise my daily meditations and I have found Free to Be Me gave me the tools to be able to live a very blessed life.

Life has thrown me many curve balls through the years: love, loss and grief just like everyone’s life. I would fall into pits of muddy depression because I did not know how to process my emotions. Those days are over and I now know that Free to Be Me has shown me the keys to living the life I only ever longed for.

Be warned, I am a Cat Woman, I love to listen to people and glitter is an essential element in my office.

I really look forward to talking with our clients and sharing the joy of Free to Be Me.