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Ages 12 – 16 years old School years 6-10

The FTBM Teen Program is a two day course, with an additional evening session designed to give caregivers and parents an understanding of the skills and techniques their teenagers have been shown, and ways to assist their teenagers in implementing these at home and school.

In the age of technology, social media and expectations, teens are dealing with a wide variety of issues in their daily lives. FTBM’s Teen Program is designed to not only teach teens techniques for the rest of their lives, but also to teach them strategies for implementing those skills in their homes, schools and even friend groups. We want to make sure your teens not only cope, but to ensure they thrive.

Bullying, anti-bullying and the changing nature of internet bullying are serious issues that are ever-present in the lives of teenagers and in schools. We provide strategies, techniques and adaptable systems to help teens navigate the complex maze of teenagehood and to ensure your teens have the skills to be compassionate, mature and well-rounded young adults.

  • Valuing and respecting yourself and others
  • Understanding potential
  • Conscious, subconscious and superconscious
  • Creating our own reality proactively
  • Goals- The How’s and the Why’s
  • What I actually think of myself
  • Emotional education, anti-bullying strategies
  • Relationships
  • Study Skills for reading, exams & tests
  • Complete person concept
  • Internet awareness and screen time limit
  • The importance of needs
  • Living life from the inside out
  • Responsibility plus knowledge equals power
  • Mindfulness

The additional evening session geared towards caregivers and parents is held within two weeks of the final day of the course, and is an opportunity for you to open a channel of communication with your teenagers, and help you understand the new systems they may want to put in place, as well as the new terminology and terms they have learned in their time with FTBM. This is a fun night, as you can begin to learn more about your teen’s needs and they can understand you needs better.