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Meditation is an essential tool that is taught during our seminars, and a practice that has numerous benefits when used frequently in daily life. Free To Be Me seminars focus on guided meditations, aimed at de-stressing and relaxation, as well as teaching techniques for visualisation and spiritual understanding of our lives.

Meditation is an opportunity to relax and let go of all our daily hang-ups in our lives, a moment to reflect on the day that has passed. Deep relaxation releases stress from the mind and body, gives us more energy to use in our daily lives and opens up the right hemisphere brain which is the centre of creativity and emotion in our bodies.

Daily meditation is also an opportunity to practice visualisation, a technique which involves engaging the right hemisphere of our brain during meditation to visualise or ‘see’ how we want to be and how we want our lives to develop. The right side of the brain operates entirely in pictures, so a state of deep relaxation like meditation is the perfect time to use our brain to see our goals in as much detail as possible. Visualisation isn’t a technique unique to those who practice meditation- it’s also commonly used by athletes, politicians and even chefs. High jumpers visualise clearing the bar, golfers visualise hitting the ball into the green and getting an ace in the hole. Hosts and hostesses visualise their dinner parties being enjoyable, relaxing and engaging experiences for their guests.

Every meditation we teach during our seminars incorporates a time to visualise and create on the ‘inside’ what we want in our lives on the ‘outside’. We do this by seeing our goals and desires with enthusiasm and in as much detail as possible. Everything that exists was once an idea. Cars, computers, houses and chairs- all of these first existed in someone’s mind. This is the first creation. Then these ideas were moved forward, into plans, prototypes and then material objects. This is the second creation. Everything we see has two stages of creation, and we all enjoy watching our thoughts and ideas becoming material objects on our daily lives.

The third benefit of meditation for us, is that we can use it to get in touch with the spiritual part of ourselves. Sometimes the surface of our life is calm and at other times a storm is raging. Meditation is like dropping an anchor into the depths where there is always peace and serenity. We believe human beings have a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual component. Balanced people are aware of their holistic make-up so they take the time and the initiative to nourish their bodies, minds, their emotions and their spiritual core. Meditation is nourishment for our souls.

We refer to our spiritual self as our Diamond or our Higher Self. We believe that our Higher Self is who we really are and that during meditation we communicate with, listen to and receive guidance, advice and love from our Higher Self/Real Self/Being. We believe that our Higher Self has unlimited wisdom and love and will help us if we only allow it to and trust in it. At this level of our being, we believe that we are connected to everyone and everything. For us the adventure of life is about experiencing and balancing both our own unique individuality and our interconnectedness with the whole universe. At this core level, we realize that we are both separate and part of the whole.

We are discovering that many business people are turning to meditation. Meditation not only helps them manage their stress and keep themselves in balance- it also gives clarity of mind, greater creativity and stamina.

If you ever require surgery, be sure to meditate before and after the operation. Meditation will prepare your mind and body, minimise the physical and emotional shock and speed up the healing afterwards.

Sometimes we get asked if meditation is a form of prayer. If praying is talking to God then meditating is listening to God.

For us, the essence of meditation is:

  1. Relaxing the body, mind and emotions.
  2. Letting go of control during meditation.
  3. Learning new levels of self-trust and trusting the Universe and
  4. Surrendering to what is, believing there is a master plan of which I am an important part.

Daily meditators are more centered, efficient and calm. They get through more work and play because they know who they are, they know where they are going and they are not thrown off balance by the happenings around them. Meditation keeps us connected and flowing and reminds us every day that we are Diamonds (Unconditional Love).